“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”

~Psalm 150:6

My mother used to tell me that even washing the dishes could bring God glory.  The laundry, the soccer game, the swim meet, the small vegetable garden and blackberry bush in the backyard– all of it could bring a smile to His face.  I used to think maybe she was trying to justify the simple life motherhood called her to; as I grew older I came to understand and believe that everything mattered.  In the movie Chariots of Fire, Eric Liddell said, “When I run, I feel His pleasure.”  Although this line was entirely part of the script for the movie and not a direct quote from Liddell himself, it resonates here.

This is what Urban Hallelujah is all about…  Finding God’s pleasure in everything.  He lingers everywhere.

Urban Hallelujah is made up of two wifeys and mamas– Krista, who lives in the Upper East Side of NYC and me (Rachel), who calls home in the small suburbs of northern NJ.  We both recently moved from the pacific northwest– the story is crazy and one we’ll be sure to write about here.   We’ve been friends for only a few years but it’s a kind of friendship that feels like we grew up together.  It’s a precious gift to both of us.

This part of the country is insanely fast paced– the definition of ‘urban’.  Krista will tell you all about it since she’s in the heart of the city.  The burbs are somewhat similar, but with larger grocery stores, living quarters and… basements.   It can be easy to get swept away in the rat race, whether you’re in the middle of the city or in a small cul-de-sac in the burbs.  That’s where the hallelujah part comes in.  In the midst of the chaos of parenting, fighting traffic, navigating subways, making dinner (and breakfast, lunch and snacks!), date nights (as few as they may be), meeting new friends and becoming part of a new church family and community, there are lots of hallelujahs to be had.  Hence, Urban Hallelujah!

Urban Hallelujah chronicles our journey and the bumps and joys along the road.  Everything is for Him, by Him, through Him and because of Him. Looking through that lens is not always easy, however.  Sometimes we have to squint to find the hallelujah in our urban backyards.   When all Krista wants to do is get into a car and DRIVE to the grocery store instead of taking that multiple block walk or subway train to buy a gallon of milk; when all I can do to make it to nap time is going for a Target run to rummage around the clearance aisles for randomness I don’t want or need– this is when we have to pause and find a hallelujah.  Even in these moments we have an opportunity to bring glory to the One who we belong to.

Everything matters, even when it doesn’t.

Can I get a hallelujah? 🙂


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