Ready or Not, It’s Coming

08152013 fall

Last week, I felt fall in the air.

I was sitting on the porch one early morning with my coffee in hand.  David was out for his run and I was reading.  It was a morning like many others, however this morning I felt it.  Maybe it was the slightly cooler temperatures or the rustling of the wind through the trees.  Perhaps it was the sight of a pair of boots gracing the advertisements in my US Weekly (guilty pleasure!  Ha!) or the sight of the pumpkins beginning to grow on the side yard (thanks for planting them Mama!).  Whatever it was, I felt it.

A week later, it’s hot again and humid.  The rain has poured the last few hours but in that tropical, stormy kind of way.  Mostly the sun has been shining and the sky has been what we’d call in my last job “perfect flying weather.”  Thank goodness!  I’m nowhere near ready for summer to be over.  Even still, I can feel it.

Ready or not, Fall is coming.

It’s weird, I know.  I feel oddly in-tune with the seasons.  And I absolutely love the feeling of fall.

To me, fall has hope in the air.  Anticipation.  Excitement.  I’m motivated and ready to work hard.  I’ve always thought goal season really should be in the fall, not in January!  I’m ready to jump in full force after a summer of long, warm days.  Fall represents a blank slate and a fresh start to me.  It’s like a brand new beginning.  Kind of like moving, but not as scary or exhausting!  It’s a time to get back into routine, enjoy cozy nights at home and bring out all those amazing scents like vanilla, cinnamon and apples.

I’m so looking forward to my first northeastern fall!

My favorite thing about fall, though, is just being home.  Summers for us are usually jam packed with either travel or visitors, and while we absolutely love all of that, there’s something special about just being home.  I love how Ina Garten puts it in her cookbook:

A good home should gather you up in its arms like a warm cashmere blanket, soothe your hurt feelings, and prepare you to go back out into that big bad world tomorrow all ready to fight the dragons.

I’m basically a nester.  All day long, I feel as though I’m batting back the baseballs that are being hurled at me: decisions to make, places to go, cranky people to deal with…and when I come home, I want my house to feel serene and beautiful, like the way you feel when you get into a bed piled high with down pillows: you’re safe.  Jeffrey and I have moved many times in the years we’ve been married and though we’ve always had a house (or at least an apartment), I’ve never been comfortable until I’ve made it a home.

~Barefoot Contessa at Home (p. 12)

You know what?  I do feel at home here.  It’s weird because it’s a comfortableness that I know is temporary.  We don’t plan on living in New Jersey forever, but we also don’t know how long we’ll be here so we’ve jumped right in as if we’ll be here indefinitely.  I’m comfortable with that– with not knowing.  All the more reason to embrace the season we’re in and truly make our home a refuge and rest.

My home is wherever Jeffrey is… (p.5)

After many years and lots of houses, we moved to the east end of Long Island.  I’ll never forget New Year’s Day 1985.  For the previous seven years, I’d owned a specialty food store in Westhampton Beach called Barefoot Contessa.  Jeffrey and I were driving into East Hampton that day to see the new space that I had rented.  As we drove down Montauk Highway on that bright, chilly morning through the double allee of ancient sycamore trees whose branches reach elegantly across the highway, past the picturesque town pond with ducks and swans, around the historic Mulford Farm with its perfectly preserved building dating back to the seventeenth century,, I remember thinking that I was really, finally, home.

Twenty years later, I look back on that day and smile.  When you find a chair that’s comfortable, you just know it.  That’s how I feel about the place I live.  I can’t imagine being happier anywhere else. (p.14)

I don’t know when I’ll actually get the feeling of being really, finally home.  I guess I’ve always thought that would be when we eventually move back to California.  But my home is where David and Maya are and I can’t imagine being happier anywhere else than with them, here in New Jersey right now.  After surviving Oregon’s rain, I realized I can live anywhere as long as David and Maya are there. 🙂

As fall approaches, and the ovens turn on, squash hits the produce stands, we again roast our veggies and drink pumpkin spice lattes, I’m excited to spend more time at home.  It’s ironic since we’ll be moving in anywhere from 2-6 months, so I’m not sure where home will physically be, but I have the two people I love the most in the world and home will always will be where they are.

I can feel it.  Fall’s a comin’!  You’ll know where to find me when it does get here… I’ll be home. 🙂

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One thought on “Ready or Not, It’s Coming

  1. Your thoughts are poignant and a good reminder that fall can hold a new beginning that doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful. Your words inspire me to not only celebrate my own “home” but also to get out my fall cookbooks and see what good recipes I can look forward to making. Home truly is where your heart is!!

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