A Long, Slow Simmer…

09262013 slow simmer sauce

Our Best Bite’s “Slow Simmer Sauce” (emphasis on slow :))

Yesterday I got the great idea to make homemade “Tomato Basil Simmer Sauce” and can it in pretty lil glass jars.

Darn you Our Best Bites!  Why do you guys have to always lure me in?!

It started when I was at the grocery store.  I do a lot of my produce shopping at an Italian market a few miles away, and they had the last of the summer’s gorgeous plum tomatoes on sale.  I thought to myself, “while Maya naps this afternoon I’ll whip up that amazing tomato basil sauce I saw on the blog last week!” So I bought a couple full bags full of ripe, red, juicy tomatoes and the cute sparkly glass jars to can them in.

Now, the recipe does warn that it takes a while to make.

I must have skipped over that part!

Because after boiling and then ice bathing and then peeling those beautiful tomatoes, I then had to core them and chop them and then simmer them for an hour and a half before I could even begin to start ladling any of it into those cute little glass jars.  Oh, and did I mention I roasted garlic too?  Like in tinfoil in the oven.  Talk about a labor of love for this sauce!

After Maya had already been awake from her two and a half hour nap and I was just barely getting started on chopping the roasted garlic to add it to the sauce, I read through the beginning of the post where it warned readers the sauce would take all. day. long.

At that point I embraced the day and decided to make meatballs and zucchini noodles (my hubster is constantly on a low-carb craze) because the kitchen was already a mess, my sauce would need something to go with it, and why not?

Five hours after I’d began we sat down to eat while my six small jars of sauce rested on the counter after their canning water bath.  Only six jars?!

Yeah, the recipe warned about that too.

What’s the point of all this?  Well I guess it could be to read your recipes before you start… 🙂

But in all seriousness, sometimes good things take a loooong slow simmer to come to fruition.

When Samuel anointed David as the next king in 1 Samuel 16, I doubt David knew it would be years before he would actually sit on the throne!  Talk about a long slow simmer.  My five hours of work seem measly compared to that.  But God had a calling on David’s life and made it known to him.  In His perfect timing, it would come together.  It would just come years later.

  • I’m 30 already and not married!  Where is he?!
  • I thought I’d be a manager by now but I’m still doing the same thing I was a few years ago.
  • I want a baby but it’s taking longer than I expected…




  • The Israelites wandered and ate manna for 40 years in the desert before they would enter the promised land (Exodus 16).
  • Sarah was an elderly woman before she bore her miracle baby (Genesis 21).
  • Jesus was about 30 years old before he officially began his ministry (Luke 3:23).
  • Esther endured a year of beautification treatments before she could even meet the king she was preparing for (Esther 2:12).




I wonder if we are simmering in preparation for something greater.  Because, you know, that sauce needed the simmering time.  If I would have just chopped those tomatoes and thrown them in the jar, it wouldn’t nearly be as delicious or flavorful or not to mention food safe.  The simmer was a requirement for the final product— a delicate, savory sauce (that’s shelf stable for an entire year!).

Are you simmering somewhere right now?  Is something seemingly stalled, turned in a different direction, or just put on hold?  Perhaps you are simmering in preparation for something greater. The simmer produces an incredible result. 🙂

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