Why Are You Moving Again?!

Moving boxes

We are moving (again) this week.  We are packing up this 3000 sqft rental house and moving to a 1200 sqft duplex.  It’s much more affordable, cozier, and definitely smaller.  Part of me is extremely sad to leave this grand ole house, and part of me is crazy excited about not having to spend $400/month on heating it this winter!  I’ve been packing for a couple weeks now (necessary when a toddler is in tow!) and it’s begged the question from friends and family…  Why are you guys moving again?


There are a multitude of reasons we are moving.  Our landlord wants to sell the house, we simply don’t need 3000 sqft and six bedrooms, the cost to heat this place is outrageous, we can’t afford to purchase the house nor do we plan on buying while we’re in New Jersey…  But the number one reason we’re moving?

We want to prioritize expenses that reflect true priorities in our life.

Sure, our home is a huge priority to us, but not at the expense of being house poor.  The rent on our current rental is more than we want to spend.  While it was fine for a year, the fact that our landlord needs to sell was just the kick in the butt we needed!  So we adjusted our budget to reflect a significant reduction in the amount we spend on rent.  It’s freeing to know that money isn’t being tied up in having a roof over our heads, rather it’s available for other priorities.

Other than God and our marriage, our number one priority is Maya.  We value having a parent at home with Maya rather than sending her to daycare, and reducing our rent gives us better ability to make this dream a reality.  While it has taken a while for David and I to come to a common ground on this, we value the freedom, flexibility and fulfillment being home with our girl provides.  I know this situation isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely for us!  Saving money on rent makes this a more comfortable decision too.

It also gives us the ability to save, save and save.  We currently have two mortgages back in California, and we’re working towards paying down so we only have one.  This feels like a slower process now that we’re on one income, but cutting our rent gives us more margin to do this!  Wahoo!

Reducing our rent expense also provides us more of an opportunity to give.  Let me tell you, we are still on a looooong journey of learning what it means to really be generous and give.  We donate time and things and give some money, but we have a lot to really grasp on generosity.  It’s not so much about how much, what percentage or the dollar amount we give, but about fully trusting God to provide for our every need and putting him FIRST.  We have a lot of work to do in this area.

Tomorrow we get the keys and sign more papers and begin moving boxes.  Yes, we’re moving again.  And this is why. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Why Are You Moving Again?!

  1. Excited to see how God is going to be working through this coming move!! Good golly, I pray it goes smoothly, but I am so much more excited that you are investing so much in little Maya’s life. I loved having my mom at home and enjoyed the memories of my childhood because of that. Blessing my dear!

  2. I totally get you on being more generous & depending on God while doing so financially; good luck to us both! It sounds like a wise decision to move & decrease your rent:-)

  3. Rachel,
    Good luck in the move! I hate moving and I am proud of you for working on generosity. I once heard a pastor challenge us to give 9% or 12% instead of 10% – because it wasn’t about the $$ but about the heart. We are so easily persuaded to our own wants and desires. I just found this blog and look forward to hearing more from you. One thing that helped me learn more about generosity was in giving to a specific cause outside my church. Be blessed and be set free by reducing costs. I hope that you can dedicate the savings to a specific “fund” – it would be easy enough to take back. If you have debt, devote it to paying off debt first and this will allow you to be more generous down the road.

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