Next week my family leaves for California for the holidays.

I. Can’t. Wait!!!!!

David and I are both sooooo excited we can’t even contain ourselves.  We are ready for the California Christmas complete with it’s decorated palm trees and 75 degree weather.  We yearn for sunshine on Christmas morning and can’t wait to wear flip flops to breakfast.  We are so looking forward to family time, friends, and just feeling home.  It can’t come fast enough!

Before we get there, though, there is so much to do.

And yes, for the record, I do not have a job outside the home right now.  Shouldn’t I have plenty of time to get everything done?!

I made a gift list the other night and it was looooooong I tell you.  I’m sure it’s shorter than a lot of people’s gift list, but the thought of going out to buy all those gifts almost gave me anxiety.

Wine please! And amazon!  Thank the Lord for amazon, I don’t know what I’d do!

And thank the Lord for wine!

But anyway, this post isn’t about how there is so much to do and how you should slow down and enjoy the season and appreciate Christmas for what it is.  Blah blah blah blah blah.  I adore the Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movies and they do a great job of giving us all that cheesy speech (which is totally legit, I know).  You don’t need me to tell you the same exact thing!

As I was drinking that wine and shopping on that amazing amazon site I love I also read something on one of my favorite blogs that really stuck out to me.

Earth is crammed with heaven.

I love it.  I love how it speaks to the rhythm of Urban Hallelujah.  I love how in its utter simplicity it conveys a perfect little picture of a stable and a manger.  I love how it reveals a piece of our world that I often let slip by.  I love its truth.

Because it really is true!

Earth really is crammed with heaven.

“Who can hide in secret places
so that I cannot see them?”
declares the Lord.
“Do not I fill heaven and earth?”
declares the Lord.”

~Jeremiah 23:24

As I prepare my heart for this Christmas and a busy travel schedule ahead, I want to remember that He came and crammed this place with His presence.  He’s never left.  When He gave us His Holy Spirit, He gave us a piece of Him and if we let Him, He will cram our world full with His majesty, His design, His purpose– His presence.  He’s here.  He’s here.  He’s here.

Nothing’s wasted, friends.

It’s all for Him, and He’s here!

Blessings on you as you celebrate the greatest gift mankind has ever received.  Greater than even wine and amazon :).

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4 thoughts on “Crammed

  1. That’s a great thought. I’ve never quite thought of it that way, and I like it. Also, I’m with you on Amazon! We’ve done most of our Christmas shopping there, this year.

  2. I agree sister…Amazon and wine ( apple cider for me 🙂 ) should be considered a BIG BLESSING from The Lord!! One stop shopping, while sipping something soothing…in PJ’S!!! As we pass on family traditions to the third generation, we never forget that is a celebration of the birth of our Blessed Savior!! Here in our country home, amongst the decorations, gift giving, baking, and two days of cooking a feast…Jesus Is The Reason!! You said it best hun……. ” He’s never left. When He gave us His Holy Spirit, He gave us a piece of Him and if we let Him, He will cram our world full with His majesty, His design, His purpose– His presence. He’s here. He’s here. He’s here!!” Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, and send me some of that warm weather!! (((( HUGS )))

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