A Day In the Life: SNOWED IN

02062014 Snowed In

I used to think snow was magical.

I love Christmas movies with lots of snow and I think snow men are handsome (as long as I don’t have to make them!).  I gaze at frost dusted branches with a sort of lovingly stare and think frozen ponds are breathtaking.  I love seeing tender snowflakes waft to the ground or stick to my kitchen windowsill.  Snow has beauty, peace, excitement even.  Snow is somewhat heavenly.

Until recently.

Until snow upon snow upon snow when it just became an icy mess of brown and black and dirt and salt!

Until days upon days of more snow and more snow!

Until being snowed in took on a whole new meaning!

Until shoveling snow lost it’s “workout” appeal!

I haven’t made it out of my pajamas today.  Thank goodness I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I feel like I accomplished something!  With all this snow, I’ve been cooped up inside so long my rational thinking went all out the window.

Why should I clean? I mean we’re not going anywhere! (Duh, that’s why I should clean, because I have to live in this mess!)

Laundry what?  I mean who needs clothes when you have jammies? (My poor, poor husband.  I actually feel sorry for him and am disgusted with myself for wearing pajamas this many times in a row!)

Cooking?  Who wants a real meal when all we want to do is snack due to boredom (I may or may not have let my daughter eat five suckers all at once just because it was slightly entertaining).

Productivity?  I’m snowed in!  I have tons of time to be productive, so I can do that later! (Or waste all that precious time on facebook, pinterest, the blogosphere and craigslist!)

We’ve been watching waaaaaay toooooo muuuuuch TV around here (please, I know kids aren’t supposed to watch TV before the age of 2 but we are SNOWED IN!  For the love please cut me some slack!).  We’ve been playing with the same puzzles, books, coloring books and dolls over and over again…  We’ve brought out the play tent and pretend choo-choo trains (wine crates anyone?!) and even made cookies (which we’ve been eating too much of as well!).  My daughter who is usually very content with being at home said to me the other day “go!”.  When  I asked her where she wanted to go, she looked at me like I was crazy– like I could take her anywhere and she would love me forever but she simply answered in an obvious tone “the store!”.  I would love to baby, but, ahem, SNOW.

So, I did what any normal mother would do who is bored out of her mind.  I brought out dice, and we fed the dice to the dolls, filled up some cups with the dice, dumped out the dice, dropped the dice in the washing machine (oops), found the dice, shoved the dice places dice should not be shoved and finally put the dice away (bad idea playing with dice when you have a 21 month old).  Back to puzzles (bless you Melissa and Doug with your cutesy wood puzzles complete with those “neat” plastic knobs…  I have stepped on one too many of those and while my feet are cursing my fingers will type bless you…)

I just got a ping on my phone, right now, no joke– there is a winter storm warning for tonight and then another storm is on it’s way this weekend.  Oh joy!

But this is Urban Hallelujah, so…

I am grateful for the opportunity to actually be bored.  My husband has been working like a mad man while I am mad at Melissa and Doug puzzles?!  I am SO GRATEFUL for the gift of being able to slow down so much that I can even get bored!

I made the most amazing chicken broth FROM SCRATCH and people– it turned out delicious!  And I used my crockpot!  And it simmered overnight while I slept so I didn’t even have to look at it!  I guess being snowed in makes you creative with chicken that needs to be eaten!

I’ve been able to catch up on all the episodes of Parenthood.  Yes!  And the Bachelor!  Not sure if that’s a yes! or not. 🙂

We have had real family dinners around our table (protein shakes and broccoli count, right?!), story-time under piles of soft, creamy blankets, endless hours of hide and seek and a couple bottles of delicious wine!

We’ve enjoyed lots of rest!  Maya slept over 14 hours and then the next night 13 hours all while still taking her usual couple hour nap! I know, I’m lucky, my girl likes her snooze button almost as much as her mama!

But perhaps the best part of being snowed in is just relishing in my little family…  No where to go, no one to see, just these two fabulous people I am so lucky to love and be loved by!  So while I have been bored out of my mind surrounded by snow, I have been surrounded by love even more.

Thank you Lord, for even this much snow.

Hallelujah! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “A Day In the Life: SNOWED IN

  1. I know you all are getting blasted on the East Coast. I am in Washington State and we have had only dustings of snow that melt by noon, but I have been in those snow storms where you aching to get out and do things. What amazes me is when you are cooped up you want out, but when you are not cooped up you long for a day when can’t get out of your house so that you can just rest, relax and be with your family. So yes God is good. Enjoy this boredom. I believe sometimes these storms come along because we need them because our lives get in the way of our life.

  2. I totally get this post after spending a “warm” weekend in Michigan. We left and there was another storm headed their way and for the first time I remembered what it was like to ACTUALLY live in a winter state. When I am homesick, I just think of cozying up by the fireplace with a cup of coffee watching the snow fall…beautiful, but also not a reality after several weeks of snow storms 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. And for the cute picture of Maya 🙂

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