To you, weary soul.

You know THAT gap.

So deep, so wide, so long, so high. THAT gap.

The one that is so far it seems it is an ocean ready to swallow you up.

THAT gap, the one between the broken pieces and the time it will take to put it back together– a gap you just don’t have the hours and minutes to fill.

The distance between brokenness and reconciliation or forgiveness, THAT gap that’s just too far for you to make it.

THAT gap– the one facing you in the quietness of your morning shower that sends tears streaming down with the hot beads of water… THAT gap that you just can’t seem to get across.

THAT gap, the one that shames you and sends you spiraling downwards into a mess of self loathing and pity and depression, the one that’s just too hard to climb over.

THAT gap between what you want and where you are and everything in between, the one that’s insurmountable.

THAT gap among you and those you love, the one that gets filled and then cracks and then fills again only to crack all over again.

THAT gap, the annoying little wiggle that keeps you from reaching your goal or keeping your promise. THAT one. You know the one.

You know THAT gap.

We all have a gap. We know our gap. THAT gap that keeps us up at night and threatens to steal our joy.

Oh friends… May we learn to let HIM fill THAT gap.

When the Israelites were faced with THAT gap– the Red Sea– He filled the space. He made dry land for them to walk on and He marched right through THAT gap (Exodus 14).

When faced with five thousand hungry people, THAT gap between five loaves with two fish and enough to fill those hungry bellies– it was literally placed in His hands. He gave thanks, then filled THAT gap and then some (John 6).

When Joshua stood looking out at the battle ahead, the sunset in the near future threatening to halt the Lord’s victory, THAT gap seemed impossible. Time gaps always are. Yet God made the sun stand still until the battle could be won and He completely destroyed THAT gap (Joshua 10).

When Jesus walked on water He owned THAT gap between the land and the boat. He simply put himself in THAT gap. Done. Won. (John 6)

And the greatest gap- our own gaps- especially the ones that keep us from experiencing his glory- how marvelous it is that He fills the gap for us and takes our place. He replaces every mistake. He restores and refreshes our weary souls. He welcomes where rejection has preceded.

He fills THAT gap.

No matter how deep, how wide, how long, how high THAT gap is, His power and glory are greater still.

May we let him stand in THAT gap today and always.

Praying this today from sunny Florida where my family is soaking in the vitamin D. Tomorrow we are back to the snow! Thank you so much for reading! ~Rachel



12 thoughts on “THAT Gap

  1. ….I feel like you spoke this to me over coffee at your kitchen table, with our little girls giggling at our feet, as you encourage me in a way only a best friend ever could.

    But when I think that you wrote this on our blog (not just for me but for the 1,500 people that tune in each week) it makes me smile. Because it has been your encouragement that has gotten me through some of my darkest days, your wisdom that has guided me through the newest – and scariest- of beginnings (… Not to mention, it has been your knack for not following recipes over the years. that has had me rolling with laughter at the outcome)

    And the thought that you are doing the same- that you are being the same beautiful soul that you have always been for me – for so so SO many others is a huge blessing in and of itself, and I am happy to share my best friend and soul sister with the world! Because gosh, I just love you. Thanks for being you.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I am desperately fighting this battle recently and most days I feel I am losing. So thankful I am not alone, and that I do not have to be the one to fight, but that Christ will do the work for me. I just have to be present…to be willing and step out of the way.

    Thanks again. ENJOY the sun!

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