Something Beautiful


Today I fly on a plane to Europe. I. Am. So. Excited!!! I have never been to Paris before. I’m thrilled!

As I was packing, I couldn’t help but think about how grateful I am to be going on this vacation. As a stay at home mama, this is the stuff dreams are made of! Hotels, restaurants and a husband off work for two full weeks! A little bit of glamour to this snowy-filled monotonous winter is certainly welcomed. But then as I begin to put Maya’s wardrobe in the suitcase, I pause.


This mama stuff, this mundane… This is truly something beautiful.


The time she took my “pretties” and put on her make up just like mama… Okay maybe it wasn’t exactly like mama but it warmed my heart. It was nothing short of Something beautiful.

Those sleepless nights, her and me, hours that wove into the deepest parts of my heart; something beautiful.. I wouldn’t trade the circles under my eyes for those hours back.

This worn out body- tired arms from holding an almost two year old through the grocery store when she just wanted to be held, or sore back from constantly picking up those toys day after day. The way my stomach- albeit thin, will never look the same… Something beautiful.


5 thoughts on “Something Beautiful

  1. D said just what I was thinking while reading this. I raised two boys, so the “something beautiful” looked different. It feels the very same.

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