Do Something Already

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Every time I had a run in with him, I called her.  My business hero, my career mentor, my friend.  She always gave me great advice.  She made recommendations that actually worked!  She listened to my sob stories.  She was my shoulder to lean on.  She gave me confidence that I could handle whatever he threw my way.

“He” was someone at work who couldn’t stand me.  He looked for me to make mistakes and seemed to love to let everyone know about them.  He watched for opportunities to let me fail and gave me a piece of his mind every chance he had.  He complained.  He argued. He justified.  He drained me.  And I was his manager.

I would call her, and she would make it better.  She would give me pointers for things to say and do to encourage a better working relationship and performance.  She coached me, she held me accountable, she made me better.  She listened so well.

The one day, she said it.  It was a long time coming but it was still hard to hear:

“I’m done with the (insert name) situation,” she said.  “You need to either do something permanent about this, or stop talking about it.  I’m so over you about him.  Do something already!

Because I trusted and respected her, I didn’t get offended.  I received her words with a knot in my stomach knowing she was right.  I had to stop talking about it.  I had to stop complaining about him.  I had to quit my bad habit.  It was time to do something about it.

I guess I got lucky, because the very next week he quit.  He walked into my office and said it would be his last day.  End of story.

I was reminded of this particularly awkward time in my work history when I was journaling last week.  I wrote “I’ve been talking to you about this for years, Lord.  When are you going to show up?!  When are you going to do what I know is within your will and is what I believe you are calling me to do?  Why won’t you act?!”  And suddenly as soon as the words had hit the paper I realized that this thing that I’ve prayed for what seems like forever was suddenly like that person that I used to stress out about at work.  And maybe God was just like her, telling me to stop whining and talking about it and to just DO something already.

Sometimes God sweeps in, rescues by fire or wind or the parting of the red sea– and sometimes He gives us the authority to swim across the river.  It’s as if He’s whispering, “Do something already!”

There are some things in life that are not a mystery.  It is not a mystery that God wants you to tell the truth, remain faithful in your marriage (aka don’t cheat!), be generous, love your neighbor, etc…  The list can go on and on.  These are not mysteries.  These are God’s will. We can compare our SWAT analyses and we will always come back to the same result: these are God’s will.

Do something already.

Sometimes I pray and pray and pray, ask and ask and ask and I am like that man in that fable that is asking to be rescued.  The man looks up to heaven, seeing the rain pouring down and asks the Lord to save him from this horrible flood.  A fireman comes to the door and says he’s there to help evacuate the neighborhood, and would the man please let him escort him out.  The man replies, “I am waiting for the Lord to rescue me.”  So the fireman leaves, the man crawls up the roof as the water rises higher and higher, and a boat comes along to save him, but he tells the captain of the ship “the Lord’s a comin’!  He’s going to rescue me!”  A little while later, a helicopter comes and drops a ladder!  Again, the man looks up to the pilot and says, “The Lord is coming to rescue me!  Go on!”  Finally, the man drowns and he meets God in heaven and asks him, “Why didn’t you rescue me?”  God just chuckles and says “what did you think the fireman, the boat and the helicopter were?!”


Get on that boat, climb up the ladder and go with that fireman.  Do something!

I get it, Lord.

I know you want me to do something!

Now, please… In all honesty…  WHAT is it you want me to do?!

I am annoying myself just writing this post!  I’m impossible!  I pray God doesn’t give up on me and roll his eyes in frustration.  But I’m serious… I know He’s calling me to act but I’m not exactly sure where or how or what I should be doing.

I feel like that fourth grade girl playing softball at shortstop.  The ball flew my way and I knew I had to do something with it but I just didn’t know where to throw it.  If I threw it to home plate I could get a runner out possibly, but maybe I should just throw it to first base and get the hitter out.  Or maybe throw it to third?  So I did what any fourth grade girl who isn’t good at softball does.  I threw it at the fence and played it off like it slipped out of my hands in the wrong direction!

I knew I had to do something with that dang ball.  I heard people telling me to throw it to first, to home, to third!  I knew I had to do something already!  I just didn’t know exactly what was the best move so I threw the ball AT THE FENCE!

Lord God I do not want to keep throwing balls at the fence.  Oh please protect me from throwing my life at the proverbial fence!

Do something already, but please…  Not the fence.

When I am faced with the knowledge that I’ve got to get moving but I’m not sure what to do, I know I should do the thing in front of me so that at all costs I can avoid throwing my ball at the fence.  But it’s hard, I’m not gonna lie!

Do something already!

But what?! 🙂

Have you ever felt similar?  Have you ever felt called to act but not sure exactly what you should do?

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13 thoughts on “Do Something Already

  1. I have been there repeatedly in my life too. It’s incredibly frustrating. And can be overwhelming. But sometimes, I wonder if it’s like being in charge of an army. With God being the general. I wonder if perhaps, he prepares his soldiers little my little for a war that has not yet commenced. Somehow in the trials, and in the struggles, he is equiping us (his soldiers) with a also it’s a tactic, and armor, and new ways to defeat the enemy. These things may not be accessible unless we go to training. We have to be trained as soldiers, in order to win the battles ahead. And believe me there are wars and battles coming. So wouldn’t it be so Smart of God, to raise up a bunch of people who had his wisdom, his tactics, and his game plan ready, prepared and equipped to go at a moments notice? Maybe He gets us all prepared and just says “hold on, I will be using you, for sure! You have all the right stuff for a particular battle or series of skirmishes I have coming. Just hold on!” And then, suddenly, there it is in front of you, the place you need to stand for him. The place where he can use here. The place where you have just the right tools needed to give to another person or a whole bunch of people. And you finally see, why he had you in training for all that time. Maybe you just being prepared for the right skirmish for God. :). And maybe I am too.

  2. Oh my word, does this resonate with me!!! I can pray down God acting upon my situation but the doing something myself…not so much!!! Just the past couple of weeks God has been impressing upon me to be faithful in my obedience to Him in the responsibilities right in front of me. I am finding that as I have been doing that I am chafing less against the mindset of “God isn’t doing anything”. I so appreciated your post, Rachel! Thank you, Thank you!!!

  3. Totally feel this way almost on a daily basis! Lol
    Asking for prayer for my family. We laid my aunt to rest today and after my husband had a heart procedure yesterday which lead us to a triple bypass he will be having on Monday. I’m feeling a little crazy with everything I’m facing but I have also made some very sound decisions as a result of lots of prayer and being lifted up in prayer by those who care about me. Thank you friends!

    • Misty, you sound like you are definitely going through a stressful time! We will praying for you from the East coast, and for your husband this monday! Keep us posted!

  4. I had a job once that the manager despised me and he would not let up on me for a second. He put other people’s mistakes on me and was constantly berating me. So my closest boss to me told me to keep a file, because he knew that I was going to get fired. He knew that this new boss we had was trying hard to get me fired. He had tried to write me up six times, but they couldn’t stick because it was other people’s errors. Finally him and the other girls in the office got their wish. I was fired, but I had my data. I got fired for horseplay in the office (I worked in a trucking company and all the night shift, which included me, would play pranks on each other, but we always got our work on time and correctly.) The 1st shift would work 8 hours. We would work 14, so to break up the monotony we would play pranks. Also the horseplay I did was off the clock. So I went and got an attorney for unemployment. The company I had worked for didn’t know about all the times he had tried to write me up for other’s mistakes and that he had singled me out for no good reason, but I had the copies. When I had walked into the attorney’s office I had my arms full for the attorney. She was like you are prepared. I said I have been saving ever since I realized he was out to get me. They also saw (I was a billing clerk) that my billing errors were zero each and every week. So I won the unemployment and the mean boss lost his job. God is good.

  5. I can certainly relate! I’ve been going through a tough time lately with my relationship with God (not doubting or anything, just a bit of a rocky place), and it’s difficult trying to figure out just what I’m supposed to do. Then it gets frustrating because I start focusing on figuring out the puzzle of what to do and not focusing on God! But it’s so encouraging to hear about other people’s struggles. The reminder that none of us actually has it all together is so nice to hear! Thanks for sharing another lovely post with us 🙂

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