Not Pretty, But Beautiful

I can't believe my baby girl is 2! :)

I can’t believe my baby girl is 2! 🙂

I was scampering around the internet, trying to find something super cool and fun to do in celebration of Maya’s 2nd birthday.  She made it to 2!  I thought to myself.  This is a huge feat for not just her but for us!  We’ve got to make it super exciting!  Super COOL!  Super FUN!!!

Just like you’d expect, ain’t nobody living up to pressure like THAT.  Go figure it was pressure I was putting on myself.  So after a couple hours of looking up ideas from here to New York City to Paramus to Riverdale, I cashed in my chips and decided it wouldn’t be a pinterest pretty party.  No, no, no.  Maybe one year; yes– definitely some year, but this would not be the year.  Number two would not be the photogenic party…  It would be the opposite actually!  Just us, some cake, a few presents, and of course the beautiful birthday girl. 🙂

And you know what?

05082014 beautiful 3

Super cool, super fun table setting 😉

It wasn’t pretty.  The “Happy Birthday” sign I bought at Target ended up not having the “A” in “happy”.  We ate frozen potstickers on paper plates and put a candle in a store bought coffee cake.  We wore two-dollar party hats and sang the birthday song somewhat off key.  I didn’t edit a single one of these photos.  I cherished the entire evening.  It. Was. BEAUTIFUL.  I thought to myself, screw pretty.  I’ll take beautiful today.

05082014 beautiful2

Happy birthday sweet girl 🙂

Mamahood has surprised me in so many ways.  I am surprised I enjoy it this much, humbled by how much I don’t know, and encouraged to learn that what I do know most likely won’t really matter.  I am so grateful God changed my dreams and that my husband supports my decision to stay home.  I am ever in love with the little heart my girl has and it’s ability captivate mine.  I had no idea I would like being a mother.  I had no idea I would love her this much.  Mamahood, while a crazy rodeo, has won me over.

To all of you out there in blog land, who look around at the messes and your middle piles (because come on, we all have a middle pile, yes?  The dirty pile, the clean pile, the middle pile that’s somewhere in between but surely will be worn again!) it’s more than fine if it’s not pretty today.  It’s okay you’re serving dinner out of that 9×13 pan and not that pretty serving platter.  It’s really alright that your cupcakes were made from a box.  They probably taste amazing, if it’s the same box mix I use! 😉  It’s beautiful what you’re able to give your family.  Whatever it is.  Easy mac or Five cheese macaroni, it’s all beautiful.

Even if it’s not pretty!

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11 thoughts on “Not Pretty, But Beautiful

  1. Yes, Yes, and Yes! We have a tendency to hold ourselves to a standard that we perceive is so much higher and better than what we are actually living. This was a beautiful word for all of us today, Rachel. Thank you!

  2. I love this ~ it’s REAL LIFE! My children are grown and we kept things pretty simple when they were growing up and it was always happy, always beautiful, but I think that today there are so many young parents, especially moms, that feel obligated to have that “picture perfect” celebration that is set so high that it’s almost unattainable. Picture perfect is those pictures that you posted above and, take it from one who knows, and when they’re all grown up, you’ll look back at those and you’ll smile & perhaps shed a tear or two at just how beautiful those celebrations & days were.

  3. Someone suggested this blog when we moved to Brooklyn a few months ago. I’ve been following along, but I can’t believe I’m just now leaving a comment. Life gets crazy. Anyway, I LOVED this post so much– it actually reminded me of one I wrote a good while back ( Thanks for the insights and encouragement when it comes to the messy beautiful that is so often life with young children!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl! The greatest memories of my childhood are of my family cramming into our tiny dining room with paper hats and off key melodies. Together is way more important than pretty. And she looks like she had a blast! 🙂

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