On the Verge


Satan wants us to believe the lie that the next big thing we are waiting for will make everything better.

He wants us to sit waiting, like lame ducks, powerless and on the verge of something great.  He wants us on the verge because so many times we’re paralyzed in this position.  Oh how he loves us paralyzed Christians.

Satan loves knowing that our hope is in ___.  If it’s in whatever lies ahead, our hope is not in Christ.  He will do anything to disguise himself in whatever idol it is we are grasping for; no matter how honorable that ‘thing’ may be.

I know this because I have believed this lie.

I have been the lame duck.

I have put my hope in ___, ____ and ___.

Let me just tell you– Satan SUCKS.

He’s full of lies.  You are going to be disappointed.  Every. Single. Time.

Your life will not magically be amazing when ___ happens.  Sure, it will feel amazing for a while, and it may change the course of your life.  But if your hope is in that, if your life’s very happiness is riding on it, believe you me you will get ROCKED.  Out of the boat I might add.

It may be so innocent, may appear to be good inentioned…  May even look something like this:

I just want a husband…  If only I could get pregnant…  I just don’t feel like our family is complete without another child…  I wish I could get that job…  I hope I get in…  I want him to get another job…  I just need to move…  I wish we could sell this house…  I think we need to find a new church…  I need to get better…  I want to buy ___…  When she’s potty trained…  If he would be a spiritual leader…  When the baby sleeps through the night…

Oh. My. Goodness.  The list can go on forever, amen?

Satan wants to rob you of your happiness.  He wants to steal your joy.  When you are on the verge— ready, sooooo ready for that next thing don’t let evil one in.  He will take a seat on the very throne of your heart and one by one rip down every single blessing and turn it into another reason why you just have to have what you’re waiting for.  That’s why being on the verge is so delicate.  We must be ready, but ready for Christ.

I say this because I feel as though I am on the verge right now.  I do not know what I am on the verge of, but I have been here before and I know how quickly being in this emotional and mental state can quickly turn into an ungrateful, whiny, desperate, HOT MESS.  My focus turns towards ___, and like Peter, I quickly begin to sink.

Not this time, I hope.

Instead of being on the verge of something, I so desperately want to be on the verge with someone.  That someone being Christ.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.  I came that they may have life  and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)

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5 thoughts on “On the Verge

  1. I can’t even tell you how much this hits home! Wow. Almost 3 yrs ago I wrote down ____ and put it in my bible in hopes God would answer it. What arrived in less than 2 months was the biggest nightmare of my life, but I couldn’t peel myself away, because I thought God had sent ____. Just this past Sunday I had it out with God and he said “that wasn’t me”. The great imposter. Ugh. So yes… This speaks to me today!! Thank you for another great read and reaffirming that not everything is from God.

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  3. Amen. Lord may I live in your abundance and not have my joy destroyed by the instigator of lies! YOU are my next great thing!!!

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