That One Time my Car was Flooded in a FLASH FLOOD

07102014 flash floodI swear, the devil is really trying to attack me in New Jersey!

The day after a bat flew in the house  my husband and I were on a very rare date night.  I wore heels, we went out for dinner and browsed at all the fancy coffee makers at Sur La Tab.  I was in heaven, hand in hand with my man; not worried about fishing for snacks in my purse or strapping a toddler in and out of her car seat.  It reminded me that taking the time out to really date your spouse again after having a child is soooo worth it!

After dinner and window shopping, we decided to go do some real shopping at a much less fancy department store.  Shopping without a toddler?!  Yes please!  As we were driving, rain ensued and the warnings on our phones went off.  Flash flood.  No biggie.  We were driving so surely we were driving AWAY from the flash flood area, right?!

We got to the parking lot and thankfully were able to find the last space available in the way back.  There was caution tape marked off on certain areas, and I figured that was probably a flooding area or something so thankfully we stayed outside of the caution tape with all the other cars and made our way into the store.

About 30 minutes into our shopping endeavor, the thunder became really loud.  I didn’t think much of it, we’ve had a lot of thunder storms here in New Jersey.  We continued to shop for about another 30 minutes when we heard over the loud speaker:

“The parking lot is beginning to flood.  There is a black car in the back of the lot that is beginning to go under water.”

I looked at David worriedly.  Our car was dark blue, so definitely it would appear black in the evening.

We hurried to the front of the store, and while I checked out he ran outside.

Yep, it was our car.  Halfway underwater, almost to the door handles, in stinky, dirty rain water!  And go figure, all the other cars were GONE.  We had gotten the last parking space available, and now every single car had disappeared.  It appeared as if we had made a painstakingly awful rookie mistake.

David got a few shopping bags and took off his shoes.  He wrapped his feet in bags and began riding a shopping cart through the water to the car, getting out Maya’s car seat and the Maclaren from the back.  As he waded back I stared in complete SHOCK. (Oh, and my blue suede heels were destroyed in the flood!)

As soon as he got back “to shore”, he got on his phone and called one of our new friends here who graciously dropped everything and drove out to pick us up.  I had no idea the parking lot would fill up with water this high in a matter of 30 minutes!  I was so grateful he knew not to try to start the car (electric car + submerged water = possible electric shock!) and that he works for a car company so this would all be straightened out pretty easily…

On the drive home I just couldn’t believe it.  A bat, a flooded car, what next?!

It made me mad!

I decided right there and then that I would NOT let the devil take a foothold on my heart.  I would instead be THANKFUL, even though at the moment I felt as if I was squinting to see for what.  I sighed.  I was thankful that we were safe and that we’d get the car replaced quickly, that no one got rabies from the bat, that we were lucky enough to experience all these “adventures.”

Take that, stupid devil.

I’m taking gratitude and I’m seriously throwing it in your FACE.

I’m earnestly trying each day to be grateful and truly thankful for New Jersey.  I still dislike bats, I still dislike flash floods, I still prefer the west coast– but there are a lot of wonderful things about this state and I need to start being aware of them.  There is no better way to kick the devil in the face than to be thankful for all I am faced with, right?!. 🙂

As of today we still haven’t heard regarding the car and David says it is definitely totaled.  I guess I am thankful I will get a new car?

Anyone else have a bad week?  How do you turn it around?!

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9 thoughts on “That One Time my Car was Flooded in a FLASH FLOOD

  1. Rachel,
    It’s really hard to praise Him through all the little mishaps (or major ones), until I get a phone call about a friend with cancer or spend every day praying for another friend in the hospital. And then I turned to Deut. in God’s word and re-read all the accounts of Moses leading and the people complaining and then I was like……”uh, so….I guess I’m no better than those that had God right in front of them and still complained!”

    So that’s how I’ve been reminding myself that God is amazing, the devil is a jerk, and I’ve got an amazing life because Jesus loves me and saved my soul.

    But, I hear ya! I’d say you’re in for a day of rest, for sure 🙂

    • Amen Debbie. You hit it straight on. We just finished a series at my church on Exodus… And throughout it I recognized myself so much in those complaining Israelites. It’s so easy to point the finger at them, but then I realize they’re just a mirror reflecting who I am all the time. I am so NOT better than any. single. one. of. them.!!!!! Thank you for sharing this journey with me! 🙂

  2. Girl your life would make a great movie. It’s been a rough week for me too! No answers at the dr, my mom in the hospital, my uncle’s chemo treatments not taking, my hours getting cut, just STUFF! I told Jesus just yesterday that I love him and I trust him and I know that trials produce patience, then character, then hope..but that I feel I’m already enough of a character and I feel like we could move on to the hope part now! Lol.
    But like you said I’m going to choose to be joyful and fund some happy things to focus on in life because I still trust God and I still don’t like Satan! Prayers for a perfect deal on a new car for you and for no more bats! 🙂

    • I’m so sorry Michelle! The bat and the car pale in comparison to having a loved one go through any kind of health issue. They are seriously blessed to have you! And I know God shows up in every. single. circumstance. and He will again I am sure of it! Thank you for being an encouragement to me!

  3. Holy moly! What a story for your lives! Glad you’re ok. And I’m sorry about the shoes…that isn’t awesome, but I love your perspective. It’s genuinely good!

  4. Definitely got stuck in Newark airport over night trying to get home from Colorado this week. Airline offered no vouchers just a flight the next morning. Being the poor college student I am I spent the night at the airport!(or attempted to sleep) and waited for my flight at 6 am the next morning. My turn around was getting the day off the next day that I was planning on going into work. God knew how much I needed the rest and wouldn’t call into work for just that reason. Although I had to sleep all alone in a dirty airport overnight I got to go straight home and to bed instead of straight to work. Praise The Lord for the rest he give us.

    • That SUCKS Anna! I would hate to be stuck in the EWR airport… But you handled that like a true champ. Isn’t it cool how God gives us little gifts like you getting the day off of work?! I love how He knows us better than we know ourselves!

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