I’ll See You Just Now

09182014 gia and maya

My roommate in college used to tell me all the time “I’ll see you just now!”

I’d be heading out to class and she’d call at me as I was leaving the room, “see you just now!”

At first I didn’t get it.  As one of us was leaving, she’d be saying we’d see each other “just now”.  It didn’t make sense to me, since we’d obviously be seeing each other later, not now.

She explained to me that in South Africa, this saying simply means “I’ll see you in a little while.”  I grew to love this expression.  I felt like “just now” was sooner than later, and it made me feel good.

This morning, one of my best friends in all of the world drove out of my driveway on her way to South Carolina.  Maya and I watched on the porch as they packed up the last few items from their overnight bags and refilled cups with juice.  As I tried to keep the sobs from coming (which came in full force, as soon as they pulled away!), I thought to myself…

I’ll see you just now.

Today, “just now” doesn’t seem sooner than later.  It feels like a long time away, even though we’re planning to see each other around Thanksgiving sometime.  It’s never easy to say goodbye to people you love, people that have shared lifetimes of ups and downs and everything in between.  It’s not easy, but…  God willing, I’ll see you just now.

These two little girls squealed and screamed with glee as they painted each other with “chalk tattoos”, dumped out every toy we owned onto the bedroom floor, shared trains surprisingly well, and ran through sprinklers with pure joy on their faces.  As they were leaving, Maya held me tight and said “I’m sad, mama.”  I squeezed her back just as tight.

“It’s okay baby girl.  We’ll see them just now.”

***I’m a little sad today, I may have sobbed on the bed after they left and my little girl might have consoled me with her ring pop as snot was dripping down my nose.  But in all honesty, I am more excited for them and am eagerly anticipating what God will continue to do as they wholeheartedly run towards Him and what He has planned for them there.  If you remember, keep Krista and her sweet little family in your prayers as they travel, and pray that I would be able to survive the upcoming winter without her. ;-)***

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3 thoughts on “I’ll See You Just Now

  1. I really like “I’ll see you just now”. Such a hopeful way to send someone out of our presence temporarily. It speaks to the permanence of our relationship instead of the temporary nature of our face to face time. Sad for you, Rachel, that your friend is leaving your area…thankful that you will “see her just now” though!

  2. Praying for your heart dear friend 🙂 It is rather difficult when friends leave, but that is what makes snail mail, phone calls, texts, etc. even better. It demands intentionality and taking the time so many people claim to not have to sit, or walk, and be still in that moment to write or call.

  3. Reading through this post, I didn’t even notice the significance until you mentioned “South Africa” – I am from South Africa, this is most definitely something we say all the time, the hope that you will see someone sooner rather than later always soothes even the loneliest of hearts. The love of my life works at the coast during the week and flies home on weekends. No matter what time of the day it is on a Friday when I sit eagerly awaiting his return, whenever we speak, the conversation ends with “See you just now” – even if it is 5 hours to go.

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