And Then There Were 5… Of Us!

 For what you have done I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people. And I will hope in your name, for your name is good. -psalm 52:9

Oh how faithful He is!!!!  How good He is!!!  Over and over again I am reminded of just how amazingly faithful, good, trustworthy and true He is.  If I ever doubt, I want to remember August 21, 2015- the day my sweet twin baby girls entered this world.  Another Ebenezer stone in my life.  Another display of His control and His purpose that no one can thwart.  Another gift.

All throughout my pregnancy I was reminded that He was in control, that His plan prevails.  I didn’t ask for twins, and yet here we were buying two of everything.  After the initial shock wore off, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness.  He was blessing our family more than we’d ever hoped for or imagined!  Even so, at times I had a hard time believing that He would graciously give us two healthy babies.  Surely something would go wrong, I’d think.  Every doctors appointment I asked if there were two heartbeats, and every time the doctor looked at me like I was crazy and said “of course!”  Relief.  Reminders that He put these two inside of my growing belly and He would continue to take care of them.

As my doctors and I discussed my labor and delivery plan, I became more and more aware of what could go wrong.  Each appointment I’d breathe in and have to let Him take over, knowing that He would take care of us.  He’s got this, I would think.  I didn’t have any control of the outcome.  These precious girls would make their debut when He said it was time; not a moment sooner or a minute later.  When I went into possible preterm labor and was hospitalized, I held onto that truth fiercely.  He would see us through I kept reminding myself.  These baby girls are His and He loves them even more than I do.  Crazy.  How that’s possible only He knows!

Once I was released on bed rest I just kept telling myself I had to make it until my mom arrived.  She changed her ticket and came almost two weeks early to help me.  God is faithful.

The night of August 20th my water broke.  I was with my mom and Maya at Jean’s house for a girls night since David and Chris were in Manhattan that night for work.  Nervously I called my doctor, then called David and told him he’d have to drive in from the city.  My mom drove me to the hospital.  David made it with no traffic issues.  God is faithful.

When my doctor arrived after I’d been admitted, she happily pronounced she’d get me started on pitosin so we could get this party started.  I told her I just wanted nature to take its course.  Thankfully my body knew exactly what to do!  I got my epidural when I was at 7 centimeters and both babies were head down so she said we were good to go on trying for a vaginal delivery.  If the second baby flipped, though,no was in for a c-section.  I was aware of that so they wheeled me into the OR just in case.

Coral Eve graced us with her presence at 8:15 a.m. And was perfect in every sense ofnthenword.  David teared up just looking at her.  I could feel everything, just with mild pain. The epidural was perfect.  God is faithful.

As I went to push the second baby, the doctor held me up.  She’d flipped.  It was my nightmare- to have BOTH a vaginal AND a c-section.  But I knew that He had me taken care of either way so I was surprisingly calm.  They pressed on my belly to turn her.  They squished and contorted me to get her to turn but nothing worked.  Finally my doctor asked for another doctor to come in.  He walked right in and  literally shoved his arm up me. “this ones painting her toe nails,” he told me, meaning he could feel both feet and hands.  Suddenly her water broke and he just pulled her out feet first.  Everyone looked shocked except me.  Hazel Beth arrived at 8:24 and while the smaller of the two, made her presence very clear by screaming her little head off.  God is faithful.

Both girls came home with me two days later without any NICU time.  So far we’ve been successful at nursing so we’ll continue that for as long as it works for us. GOD IS FAITHFUL!!!!!!!

Every fear I had surrounding the Twins’ arrival He mastered.  Every concern He conquered.  Every hope I had He fulfilled.  Every detail He perfected.  I am in awe that He would do so much for me, for my girls, for my family. He is so faithful I can’t even handle it. Thank you Jesus for these precious little gifts!  Thank you for demonstrating yourself to me in a completely personal way.  He can be trusted.  He is so faithful.

My days are much different than before.  I will not try to say how it’s not that much different than one or how it’s not crazy because it IS.  But I know something wonderful…  SOMEONE wonderful.  The God who gave me the grace to have two will also give me the grace to meet the demands and His care for us did not stop once their birth was over.  He’s got us, and He will continue to be faithful.

I’m off to feed them yet again so I’ll sign off for now, but thank you for your prayers during this journey.  I know it’s just begun 😊.Rachel Signature2