Giving Up

“If you’re waiting for that perfect moment, that still quiet with candles and your journal, a glass of wine or cup of coffee piping hot- no interruptions, just you and God and hours of prayer- forget it. That moment is few and far between. Let Him into the mess. Be with Him always, in the minutes rather than the hour you may have once a year, month or whatever. Give up on that perfect “quiet time”.”

I remember this conversation so vividly. I was a senior at Florida State and our girls bible study was talking about “quiet times”. Now I hate this phrase- it’s just Christianese for spending time with God, but it sounds more like a toddler’s time out!  I remember us all talking about where and when we liked to have our quiet times (or if we even had them at all)- most of us student athletes and very busy with workouts, competitions, classes and studying. Little did I know the busy-ness would never end. My days are no longer filled with swimming laps, lifting weights or taking notes, but they are no less full. 

When Maya was a young toddler, still kind of a baby and sleeping 13 hours through the night in addition to two very long naps, my “quiet times” we’re in the morning with that piping hot cup of coffee. I treasured those times and still reflect on them with sweetness for that season. Now my mornings are much different as I attempt to breastfeed twins and get my toddler out the door to preschool. I’m giving up on that perfect moment because if I wait for it, I may never spend another moment with my savior!  I’ve traded that still and quiet cup of joe for the still of the car on the way to preschool. Everyone is usually sleeping (everyone meaning the babies!) and Maya and I listen to worship music and I spend time with Him right there in the car. Since her preschool is about 25 minutes away, it is a treat to spend this time focused on Him and talking with Him. 

He’s welcome in my mess. And believe me, it’s messy. It’s never been messier, quite frankly!

I’m giving up on that perfect “quiet time” and trading it for coffee in the car. He still hears us even in the chaos. 

What are you giving up on today? Maybe letting go is actually giving you new life like it has for me!