Let’s Take a Little Trip…

This photo looks so normal right? So not a big deal!  So everyday!  Let me tell you, it’s really quite a relief to get to this point in the shopping experience!

 Ahhhhh grocery shopping. I used to actually find it peaceful and calming to peruse the aisles late at night. I’d buy way more than I needed with big hopes of cooking throughout the week (this was back when my husband traveled every weekday so I was essentially cooking for one). I’d carefully put away those groceries in somewhat of an organized manner and then make myself some popcorn. 

Those were the days… 

Grocery shopping is definitely a bit different now. Let’s take a little trip, shall we?  Where to?  

The grocery store!  Or more accurately, my local produce market. 

This is how it begins. An empty double stroller!

A few minutes later I’ve got the twins out of the car and Maya is unbuckled from her car seat. We are ready to walk in the store! 

There’s no way in heck I can push a cart, and Maya is still too little to do that for me. I put what I can in the bottom of my stroller. 

Once we’re ready to check out, we have to remove a baby to take out the groceries. Heaven forbid the line is long because then where is there room to put the removed baby?! I leave the baby in the stroller then and take out each item one by one. Which means I’m putting the items back IN one by one too and taking a handful of bags to the parking lot to bag at the car. Thankfully we had room today to take a baby out. Praise the Lord. Seriously hallelujah amen!!!!!

Maya helps me unload…

I carefully set the bags into the stroller and make sure said removed baby is okay. Once they’re all in, I put the babe back in the stroller. I will never take for granted the guy who bags groceries and sets them in peoples’ cart ever again because I no longer have that luxury!

 Now we walk to the car like all normal people do. But I can’t take the groceries and put them directly in the car, or the huge stroller will crush all my produce!  So I take the groceries out, put the children in the car, hope someone doesn’t run over my groceries sitting on the ground…
Once everyone is in and the stroller is collapsed, I can then take the groceries off the ground and put them into my trunk. 

Oh to be able to push a cart and put those bags directly into my trunk!

Needless to say, my three old says “it’s an exciting day!” When we head to the grocery store. It leads me to believe we need to get out more… 😳😁🤔

Thanks for going grocery shopping with me today 😊. 


    ❤️ …when they were newborns…❤️